CassCaps 2.0 User Tips

  1. CassCaps work very well with most dried herbs and ground spices.
  2. Sea Salt: CassCaps also work well with most coarse ground Sea Salts (as well as two leading, premium, “fine ground” sea salts: Celtic Sea Salt ® and Baleine Grey Sea Salt from Guérand). We do not recommend CassCaps for use with most other fine salts, nor does it work well with all fine ground sea salts.
  3. Baking Soda & other Baking Ingredients: CassCaps also work well with Baking Soda but not very well with starchy ingredients like Baking Powder and Cornstarch (which tend to bind the cap requiring manual twisting back and forth). It does not work well with crystalized Sugar (see tip 6 below).
  4. Superfoods: Unfortunately many superfoods which have a cornstarch like consistency also tend to bind the cap (see tip 6 below). 
  5. Clearing your Cap: Especially with powders that tend to bind or with some Sea Salts (See Tip 2 above), it helps to "clear your CassCap" by giving it a couple twists once you have it right side up after use.  This helps to clear out, and return to the jar, ingredient(s) that might still be left in the internal mechanism.
  6. Binding:  If at any time your CassCaps starts to bind (not return freely to home position of its own volition), you can usually recover its full functionality by following the washing instructions below for your cap. Be sure it is thoroughly dry before using again.
  7. Ingredients that bind: Some people find that even with ingredients that tend to bind their CassCap (requiring one to manually twist both to the measuring stop point as well as back to the home position) that it is nonetheless possible to use it this way.  You are free to try this if that is acceptable to you, but we do not warrant CassCaps for such manual use (for example with starchy ingredients or sugar).
  8. Using branded spice jars:  You will find that CassCaps fit perfectly on several leading spice brands that you may already own such as Morton & Bassett ®, Penzeys, and Spice Classics ®, among others.  We suggest keeping either your empty CassCaps jar or your original spice jar and cap for use in washing or to temporarily store your ingredients when washing. 
  9. Precise measurement: Remember that volumetric measures are always an approximation with dry ingredients because different shaped spoons (or CassCaps compartment(s)) fill differently with different ingredients. Likewise ingredients of different brands of the same ingredient may fill a given spoon or CassCaps compartment differently due to differences in their grind or flake size. That is why most recipes also say "season to taste" (remember that even the recipe maker had to choose either 1/4 tsp or 1/2 tsp for example, and not use 3/8 tsp).  To season to taste, use your sprinkle function according the to instructions above for the sprinkle function. 
  10. Large or small measures:  As 1 Tbsp equals 3 tsp, that means a recipe calling for 1 Tbsp requires 12 twists.  We find that this is about the limit which most people can remember for a given measurement. In any case, if your recipe asks for 2 Tbsp of an ingredient, you can always just twist off the cap the old fashioned way and break out a tablespoon for that ingredient.  The same applies for the occassional recipe that calls for 1/8 tsp. CassCaps speed up 95% of your household herb and spice recipe measurements while freeing up your spoons for the liquids in a given recipe.