CassCaps 2.0 User Manual

WARNING:  This item is not a toy. Keep out of reach of small children. This item contains small and moving parts that could be a choking and / or pinching hazard. Inspect glass jars for cracks or imperfections. Broken glass can cause injury.  

BEFORE USE:  All CassCaps, jars, ordinary caps, and funnels should be washed before use. Please refer to the cleaning instructions in the “How to Clean Your CassCaps” section.   


  1. Wash and dry thoroughly cap, jar, and funnel (Refer to washing instructions below). Be sure to put the silicone washer back in the underside of your cap if it was removed or came out when washing your cap. It is necessary for proper function.
  2. Transfer your ingredients using our quick transfer funnel included with your kit.
  3. Screw your CassCaps fully onto the jar until firmly secure.
  4. Place desired round ingredient label on the jar about midway up vertically. Use black rectangular labels on the top of your jar if you can only see your jars in a rack or drawer from the top.
  5. Use a permanent ink marker for blank labels as required. Even with permanent ink markers, oils in your skin may cause your writing to rub off over time. The good news is they can be wiped entirely cleaned with vegetable oil and a paper towel. Consider placement of your hands when measuring with blank labeled ingredients to avoid them rubbing off.


You can use your CassCaps to measure in ¼ tsp increments or to “sprinkle to taste” straight from the bottle.  NOTE:  The sprinkle slide must be closed when measuring (Fig. 1). 


  1. Close sprinkle slide if open (Fig. 1).
  2. Flip your CassCap and bottle upside down (Fig. 2)
  3. Twist the bottle clockwise and / or the CassCap counterclockwise until it reaches the built-in stop point, holding the cap with one hand and the bottle in the other (Fig. 3).
  4. Release. The bottle (or cap) should return to home of its own volition.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3  as needed until desired measurement is obtained. See the “Measuring Conversions” below for more details.



* In Australia, 4 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon. Adjust accordingly.


  1. Slide the sprinkle tab (Fig. 4) clockwise to the open position.
  2. Shake lightly at first to determine sprinkle flow, adjusting the vigor of shake and / or the angle with which you hold the jar according to desired flow. Generally, you will find the best result for granules and powders by holding your jar at a slight angle and shaking from side to side, whereas larger flaky ingredients may need to be shaken up and down (Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 ).
  3. Always close the sprinkle slide (Fig. 4) after using this functionality.


  1. CassCaps work very well with most ground spices and dried herbs. It also works well with coarse ground Sea Salt (as well as two leading “fine ground” sea salts: Celtic Sea Salt and Baleine Grey Sea Salt from Guérand). We do not recommend CassCaps for use with most other fine salts or sea salts. It also works well with Baking Soda but not well with Baking Powder (tends to bind) nor Sugar.
  2. Especially with powders that tend to bind or with Sea Salt (See Tip 1 above), it helps to "clear your CassCap" by giving it a couple twists once you have it right side up after use.  This helps to clear out ingredient that might still be left in the internal mechanism.
  3. If at any time your CassCaps starts to bind (not return freely to home position of its own volition), you can usually recover its full functionality by following the washing instructions below for your cap. Be sure it is thoroughly dry before using again.
  4. You will find that CassCaps fits perfectly on several premium spice brands that you may already own, such as Morton & Bassett & Penzeys, among others.  Keep either your empty CassCaps jar or your original spice jar and cap for use in washing or to temporarily store your ingredients when washing. 
  5. Some people find that even with ingredients that tend to bind your cap (requiring one to manually twist both to the measuring stop point as well as back to the home position) that it is nonetheless possible to use it this way.  We do not warrant CassCaps for such manual use.
  6. Remember that volumetric measures are always an approximation with dry ingredients because different shaped spoons (or CassCaps compartments) fill differently with different ingredients. Likewise ingredients of different brands may fill a given spoon or CassCaps compartment differently due to differences in their grind or flake size. 


Clean your CassCaps before use, or when using it with a different ingredient, or when CassCaps function is limited due to binding (no longer returns to the home position of its own volition). Follow the instructions below.  CassCaps should not be washed in the dishwasher. 

  1. Submerge your CassCaps in a bowl with warm water and a couple of drops of mild dish soap.
  2. Rinse out soapy water from the bowl and submerge the CassCaps again in clean water. Repeat as many times as needed to rinse thoroughly.
  3. If you have a clean, spare empty bottle of similar size, we recommend filling it up with water, put the washed cap on, flip it upside down, and run the water through your CassCap by activating the measuring and sprinkle functions.
  4. Dry thoroughly*. Shake out as much water as possible from your cap, and / or by activating the measuring function using a dry bottle of similar size. Allow CassCaps to thoroughly air-dry (at least several hours or overnight on a rack which allows air circulation from both sides) before screwing back onto your spice jar.
  5. If the silicone washer is removed, or comes out, during the cleaning process, make sure to press it back into place on the underside of the CassCaps before use. It is necessary for proper function.

* If CassCaps are not fully dry before use, it may cause spices to stick and limit functionality. The internal mechanism must also be dry.

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